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Easter Egg Speedrunning

Flexo013 a posted Apr 7, 18

Hello everyone!

The Easter Egg Hunt was great and you all performed really well in finding the hidden eggs. The winner of the event was Yoshi57; the first to collect all 250 points. Congratulations on your trail:

In the next week we are going to try something new! Speedrunning! Yes, you read that right. We will be hosting a competition on who can collect 50 points the fastest.

I have set up some useful tools that will help you with speedrunning. You can find them on this discussion thread here: Discussion thread


Every player that submits at least one run will get a trophy and the number 1 runner in each category will also win the cool blue butterfly trail!

Best of luck to all!

Easter Egg Hunt 2018!

Flexo013 a posted Apr 1, 18
Happy Easter everybody!
Remember that exciting Turkey Hunt we had last year? Well.. It's time for the improved version of that event. That's right. Easter Egg Hunt 2018 is here!
Hop on the server, /warp Easter, and start collecting Easter eggs. You will be rewarded with points as you find them. Whoever is the first to get 250 points, or has the most at the end of the event will win an exclusive trail. (Yes this one will work.)
You have the next 7 days to score points. Every player with 50 points or more will win an exclusive trophy! Happy hunting and see you on the server!
WingPing Secret, Secret!

Spleef Tournament Results

Flexo013 a posted Mar 18, 18

The Spleef tournament was a great success and tons of fun! We will definitely have these kind of tournaments more often.

As for the results:

  • 1st - @DTM (rct3333)
  • 2nd - @Flexo (Flexo013)
  • 3rd - @Harki (Harki42)

For all standings go here:

Rct has asked me to pass the reward of the Snow Trail down to the next place and I will do the same. So the unique Snow Trail goes to Harki!

Congratulations to all and thanks for being part of this great event!

Heyo everybody!

We have a new event this weekend in the spirit of the Winter Olympics. It will be THE sport of Minecraft: Spleef! You can win an exclusive snow trail that nobody else has! Make sure to sign up here:

That post also contains details on rules, times and location.

Later this week I will set up a practice spleef arena.

Hope to see you on Sunday!


PeachyPumpkin posted Mar 2, 18

Hey guys. After thinking for a while about this, I have decided to resign from my staff manager position on polygoncraft. I have lost interest in Minecraft lately, and I've just been too busy to help out. I'll still be around sometimes on discord and steam to play games with you all. Thank you guys for the wonderful memories and expiriences in the past 4 years. Maybe one day I'll come back to the server, but until then, I wish you all the best. <3


GlennianHeroes rest in pepperchinis
Pikaju04 It's been fun! See you around, and we wish you the best ^^
HamstarX oh damn, kate's not staff anymore? best of wishes, then
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