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Thanks for the great Build Off everybody! Here are the results:
  • 1st: Rct3333, with his Spy Mansion! You win 80 Poly Points in the store, you can add your name to the Build Off Winners board! (Rct has chosen to forward all his points to the 2nd place!)

  • 2nd: MrEvilCooki3, with his Lake Mansions! You win 40 Poly Points in the store. (Plus another 80 from Rct!)

  • 3rd: Amiter, with his Mansion of the Orient! You win 20 Poly Points in the store.
We also have 3 honorable mentions, that were really great, but just didn't make the top 3!
  • I: Yoshi57, with his Miniature Mansion with Secrets!

  • II: Mrhilp, with his Unfinished Mansion!

  • III: Craftylogical, with his Mansion Under Construction! 
Thanks to everybody for participating in the Build Off!
PS: Next Build Off will be on March 30th.
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