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Thanks for the great Build Off everybody! One of the best we've ever had! Here are the results:
  • 1st: Amiter, with his Aperture Laboratories! You win 80 Poly Points in the store, you can add your name to the Build Off Winners board!

  • 2nd: HamstarX, with Dr. Pretzel's Lab! You win 40 Poly Points in the store.

  • 3rd: mrhilp, with his Undersea Laboratory! You win 20 Poly Points in the store.
Due to the many amazing build we have a whopping 5 honorable mentions, that were really really great!
  • I: Darkw01f, with his Science Machines!

  • II: L3ghtning, with his National Geographic Lab!

  • III: WingPing, with his Orb Lab!

  • IV: MrEvilCooki3, with his Memorial Institute!

  • V: Yoshi57, with his Scott Laboratory!

  • VI: Flip330, with her Wokkel Factory!

  • VII: Takanuva5x, with his Lab Story! 
Thanks to everybody for participating in the Build Off!
PS: Next Build Off will be on February 23rd.
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