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Halloween Pumpkin Carving 2018!

By Flexo013 a - Posted Oct 30, 18

Heyo all!

It's Halloween tomorrow and to celebrate that we are having a Pumpkin Carving event the entire day! Starting about 1 hour from now you can claim a plot by doing and carve your own spooky pumpkin. Claim a plot by doing /join!

You will have 24 hours to build (so that's the entire Wednesday the 31st CET). There is already a base pumpkin for you to start carving. If you want to build your own from scratch then you can send me a direct message on Discord and I will WorldEdit your base pumpkin away.

The top 3 pumpkins will get a unique Fire trail that can only be won on Halloween!

See you on the server!

P.S.: There also is a Build Off this Saturday!

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