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Community Building Weekend

By Flexo013 a - Posted Feb 10, 18

Hello everyone,

This weekend we are having a community building event in Cyfra! Yes, you heard it right: a new Creative Event! The idea is to build together on awesome projects, make awesome things and have lots of fun! I know a lot of you build in Cyfra on your own and that's fantastic, but when we build together we can make even greater things!

If you are not a member of the community build team, then please still come and join us! Come up with ideas or work towards becoming a member of the team yourself.

During the weekend we're going to work on all kinds of projects. Some new projects are: Medieval City, Winter Olympics, Cathedral, The River, and Mountain Range! There are also a few projects that are mostly done, but still need some finishing touches: The Zoo, Sun Plaza, The Mountain Tunnel, and The Haunted Mansion.

Hop on the server and do /warp event. There will be signs for the projects you can work on. So pick a project and amaze us all with your building abilities.

At the end of the weekend KazzamPsycho and I will pick a player who contributed most to Cyfra during the weekend. They will be given 50 Poly Points for their efforts.

So this weekend let's help each other, inspire each other, and build together!

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