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Community Build World: Cyfra!

By Flexo013 ao - Posted Nov 19, 17

Hello everybody!

As of last week we have a new world! It's called Cyfra. This world is a creative world for community projects. To coordinate all these new projects that will be going on, we have a Project-Leader: KazzamPsycho! She will be in charge of who can build in this world and she will make sure that the projects stay on track. Finally she will also make decisions about the builds if there are any disagreements. We wish Kazzam the best of luck with the community projects!

If you want to be part of one of these community projects then check out this section of the forums:

There you can apply, make suggestions, and discuss the current projects. Go check it out!

You can do /warp Cyfra to check out the gorgeous builds made so far!


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