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iSwipyy (BlijePC)

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Banned on: 16/7/2018 (i think)

Banned for: Advertising (mentioning other server name), Causing/participating in arguments

Banned by: Flexo013

Why i should be unbanned?: Since the by far biggest part of the cause of the ban was, i think, the arguments, this reason of the ban has already been solved by mostly me now being able to share the general opinion about Amiter, so there probably won’t be many arguments anymore.

Why i want to be unbanned?: Because Amiter is now considerately active on the server that i play on now, and he is trying to get a good reputation and fakely seem like a good person while he is not, and i can’t stand it when everyone believes him, and when they fall in the same trap as i did, so i would like to be able to go back to Poly whenever Amiter is online to have a bit more of a calm enviroment without the annoyance.

And on a final note, i am sorry for all the idiotic behaviour that i showed, looking back at it now, it was stupid and i finally see that i was actually wrong about Amiter and i can understand the way others acted towards him.
Posted Dec 13, 18 · OP
Personally, it would be good to have you back swipyy, however from your post it doesn't seem like you care about being unbanned to be on Poly and just want to have a "safe haven" from Amiter.

You also said "there probably won’t be many arguments anymore."
If you were to be unbanned that would have to become "definitely won't be arguments" since as you pointed out one of the reasons you got banned was because of causing arguments so as staff we need to be sure you won't just get unbanned and cause more arguments just because someone has a different opinion to you.

If you can prove you wont be getting into arguments then I'm all for you getting unbanned.
Posted Dec 15, 18
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To begin with, i can understand that you can interpretate what i said as that i‘m only there to escape Amiter, but however that is not true, the thing is, that i won’t just only come if Amiter is online, just as like an extra bit so i can return to Poly whenever he is online, and to just be able to play on Poly again, since i still enjoyed the server before it was about Amiter, and i can now share the opinion since i have now seen how he can be.

The reason i said that there ‘probably’ won’t be more arguments is that i can’t guarantee that there will never be arguments about anything anymore, there probably won’t, but just mentioning that there isn’t a 100% chance that i won’t disagree on something and that i don’t immediately get banned, i think it is, however, safe to say that there won’t be any arguments about Amiter anymore.
And of course i won’t immediately continue the thing i was banned for after being unbanned.
Posted Dec 15, 18 · OP
Top Voter
In my eyes you deserve another chance. Hoping to see you on soon!

You have been unbanned from PolygonCraft.

Acceptance Disclaimer: This dispute serves as a record that we have accepted your apology, and you are henceforth unbanned from PolygonCraft. If, in the event, you get banned from PolygonCraft again, this single approval may highly disvalue any dispute attempts in the future by a lot.
Posted Dec 24, 18
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