hey gamers! its bobbie, back with another more serious suggestion(s). There is a lot of stuff I have been thinking about, and I want to talk about some of these things. These aren't all related to the list, which is why I feel like I should bring these ideas up.

town emphasis
towns are real neat. I think that after ore dipped and the plugins stopped working (The shop menus for towns havent been working for like a year rip lol) a lot of people didn't take towns as seriously to live in. I feel like there should be more emphasis in town economy, and less emphasis for global economy. basically, it would be cool to have to look around for the best buy/sell prices instead of having just one set price for literally every item. also headshops should be emphasised more, but i dont feel like typing with my lil fingers about those.

also, I think there should be more benefits for living (yes, actually living) in towns. A lot of people have a lot of houses in different towns, and then they have their own seperate towns. I think there should be a lot more focus on actually living in towns, and have town vs town events (prank wars, fights, pokemon card trading, etc.) which would also lead to more events, but like ill talk about that jazz later.

the chest hunt thing
yeah so like the chest hunt happened and it was pretty exciting for a few weeks to be able to search the entirety of a world in hopes of some sweet enjin points. i only really tried my best on one, which i didnt win rip me, and it was a blast. I think that there should still be the big boy chest hunts, and maybe smaller weekly chest hunts with smaller rewards like mob coins and spawn eggs and books oh my etc.. i think this would give people a reason to check on the server more often.

hey gamers what about head coins?
so yeah head coins are real neat, but it gets really boring to get a whole lot of head coins, especially when you end up getting nothing that you want in the end. I think that there should be a higher chance for mobs to drop them, a chance for mobs to drop multiples of them, and events like half of heads. Also, i think there should be a chance for a mob to drop an actually head on rare occasions.

wow, would you look at that. bobbie is talking about the awards!
k so i dont think there is anyone who didnt like the awards, and i think a lot of new players should be able to have the experience of an awards ceremony. it is a really good way to bring the community together (last time there were like 30 people on it was crazy i almost had a seizure) and it is a good way for old staff *cough* kate *cough* to say hello to the community again. so yeah cool cool bring back the awards flexo

so uhh custom items?
i think some of the events (haha what events lol) should have better rewards. I think special items like custom enchantments or a reindeer bell that kicks you off the server for flying should be distributed for events. (dont worry ill talk about events soon). also its a good way to f l e x on everyone else if you are the only person to own an item.

umm events i think
where are the events? like i know buildoffs exist and all but the last actual event was for easter... sad whip. maybe have events more often than once a year? like they dont even have to be big things flexo just have more events please. also if there is no christmas event i will c r y.

also a cool thing ive seen is an out-of-server event, like a competition that happens in real life (pumpkin carving, art/writing competiotton, roast the shit out of flexo competition etc.) so i think some of those should happen maybe hopefully im really tired.

oh wait i forgot to say this but maybe allow everyone to keep their ender chest in between resets uwu.

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