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So, it has been a while, huh? Now I know, a good majority of you hate me. So be it. But I'm coming back. Not for me, I don't like Minecraft anymore. It has been soured for me. No no, I'm here to not only redeem myself, but to help you out, as I see that moderation here has gotten a little, uh, too strict. While for better or worse is your opinion, (I don't recall forum rules ever being enforced before) there are definitely some problems. I think you all can agree, in some fashion. But this place had, and I hope still does, good bones. I tried to help on the discord to fix this place, and that didn't work out. So now, my final resort is not only to come back, but to help fix this old shack. (Heh, rhymes) Expect me back soon, alive, and kicking. I see things that are broken in this run-down Studebaker that seems dead, but keeps chugging. And I'm here to fix and shine it, if you will let me. So, will you guys accept my return? I come to you a lost puppy, wanting only a home back, and to help. So, let us throw back the past and start anew. Hello, I'm Glenny. Nice to meetcha.
Posted Oct 13, 18 · OP
Banned users
wait, can I have this moved to the ban disputes so i can phrase it properly? I didn't even know I was banned, aside from in the discord, where as i mentioned, I was trying to help flex, albeit fruitlessly
I quit. Goodbye to this world.
Posted Oct 13, 18 · OP
Top Voter
I don't like Minecraft anymore. It has been soured for me.
We don't want you back on the server, especially with an attitude like that.
Posted Oct 15, 18
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