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Thank you Kate, I appreciate your concern in this server's current state, I seriously do.

As far as my resigning, I'm resigning because of my short term memory loss, and not for any other reason. I love this server, and will do whatever I have to, to allow it to grow and flourish. My mental problem is a let down to me and this server. I won't let my personal life cause other people problems. Once Flexo gets back, I will talk with him, then I will step down. I have already spoken to DarknessDecends, before your original post went up.

I want to make this quite clear, Kate is absolutely correct. We need to better the server. Thank you Kate. I regret causing any issues here, I apologize.
Never underestimate a new player, they may surprise you.
Posted Aug 26, 18
Hilp, the fact you're leaving for such a devastating issue is horrible. I wish all the best to you and your family.

That said, it may be worth making your own thread to announce this as it side-tracks from the actual discussion.

Regarding what you said Kate.. I know I'm infrequent on the server, but I've spent 10 years as customer support for a major computer games company, and I work in forum moderation as part of this and I agree with what you're saying. If you or Flexo think it'd help, I'd be willing to give some coaching and advice to the staff on enforcing rules in ways that don't take away from fun. Doing it harshly just ends up with stress for all involved.. but it is very much possible to be a mod and encourage the fun, not block it :)
Posted Aug 26, 18
oka but like...20180829_104803_1535564937.jpgthis is exactly what I mean. in my experience in staff, that nickname would in no way be a problem. it doesn't include a staff username, he wasnt "impersonating" anyone. he wasnt trying to do staff duties. like come on...
Posted Aug 29, 18 · OP · Last edited Aug 29, 18
Poly Police has been something Extinct and I have done since 2012, in no way were we trying to EVER impersonate staff, or anything. Nothing more than having fun being the fake "police force" of Polygoncraft.
Posted Aug 29, 18 · Last edited Aug 29, 18
I would also like to point out, Extinct was in NO WAY breaking the rules as suggested. After a careful review of the Rules (Both under the Rules Tab and /rules ig) it mentions NOTHING about nicknames, except that they cannot be vulgar or pornographic. Since neither of these conditions was violated, and no staff was being impersonated, since no such thing as "PolyPolice" exists, except between Extinct and I (Ginger), the nickname should be allowed to stand AS-IS, without staff interfering. Also, this nickname was in place for over a week, and no staff, nor players were confused as to who it was. The rule of "Having fun" should extend into Nicknames, we purchased the right to changed our nicknames and should be allowed to use it freely (given the two conditions previously mentioned). I also would like to request /whois be given back to members, so if in any case question does arise, members may simply look it up, without a big deal having to be made.
Posted Aug 29, 18
With the nickname I personally am on the fence.

On the one hand I agree it isn't impersonating or really that confusing and yea having fun is the whole point of the server (insert generic comment saying as long as it isn't being cruel to others etc) however, I remember Flex saying (and I'm not sure if the rules had been updated so I have no proof of this so don't take this as the rule) that if your nick doesn't include a part of you name such as "wolfie" for me and "dark" for darkness it should only be changed for a short while so since you are having fun the name allowed but it can get annoying to have to do /realname to find out who the player actually is, such as if the name is "polypoliceofficer" for a short time, like within an hour, it should be fine but for a week... its pushing it.

Maybe make it PolyPoliceGinger or something like that so players know your name but you still get to have fun?
Posted Aug 29, 18
Oh great now we're naming and shaming?
Thanks Kate.
I will defend myself here because I'm being forced to.
Police means enforcer of laws/rules, which is exactly what a staff member does. If a new player came on and didn't realise that you weren't staff but you were just joking, they werent in on the joke and then they leave, we have a problem. I don't care how long this has been a joke for (I have been on the server nearly 2 years I have never seen this joke).
We do also prefer it if your /nick includes some indication of who you are. Otherwise it gets annoying and no-one knows who is talking and has to learn a different name for you EVERY time.

I just want to point out that I want everyone to have fun. If I think that someone else wouldnt because of what you are doing, I WILL say so. I look at the worst case scenario and work from there. Ops can talk to me about this if they want, privately, if what I did was out of line.
Posted Aug 30, 18
I don’t want to cause drama, or a major fight on here, nor
get myself in trouble, so will try to be a humane and polite as possible.

As to Kate “naming and shaming” I don’t believe this was her
purpose, she was simply holding staff accountable for doing their job, which in
our opinion, was a little bit of an over-reach. Since staff is “the face” of
the server, I feel it necessary to not hide name when dealing with staff, as
they should all be adult enough to handle the situation. We as members (Kate
and I being ex-staff) feel staff should and needs to be held accountable for their
actions, or their little power will get to their heads and cause one to think
they are better than other players. Staff shouldn’t view themselves as better.
Rather as just another player who has a greater responsibility to enforce the
rules and keep the peace.

If we are going to use definitions, I will add the full definition
of a police officer, it is as follows, “the civil force of a national or local
government, responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the
maintenance of public order.” And Police “have the duty of maintaining law and
order in or for (an area or event).” And if that is what a police officer is, I
am guilty on all charges for identifying as a “Poly Police Officer” because I have
a great desire for this server to succeed and will (in the absence of staff) do
what I can to enforce the rules and maintaining order(peace) on the server. I
have been staff, I know how it goes. Staff aren’t the only ones who should be enforcing
the rules. I will, in all cases, call out someone for breaking the rules.

Also, a serious question, why would someone leave a server
over someone’s username? It is quite evident I am a member, as the word is in
BOLDED Orange/Yellow next to my name, which is read first. I have never had
this problem and have asked many new members if they were confused. To which
they responded. No. So, I have not seen this as a problem, nor do I see it becoming
one, unless we (staff, I, Kate, Extinct, etc.) make this out to be more than it
should be. This was the first server I ever joined, and will do everything I can
AS A MEMBER to be an enforcer of the rules and keeper of the peace on this

Calling out “I have been on the server this long” is a weak
excuse in my opinion. I have been on this server since 2012 (6 years) with a
little break in the middle. Kate, Count Bunny, Extinct, have also been on since
2012 or before and are aware of this “joke”, so claiming that, really is weak…

As to our nicknames, we have changed them to included who we
are, we still have PolyPolice in our name, but we have included Extinct and
Ginger in them as to “remove confusion” and removing the “annoyance” of not
knowing who I am.

Everyone should be able to have fun on this server, that is
the point on Minecraft, to get away from life and build, have fun. I had a member
ask if they could also be a PolyPolice officer because they saw it as fun, is
that wrong? It shouldn’t be! IT’S A GAME. So, to say, our nicknames cause
people to not have fun is a lie, and shouldn’t be mentioned.

Another point I would like to bring up is that I have seen a
lack of staff on recently, which has lead me to have to step up as “PolyPolice”
as much as I can to enforce rules and keep peace, but staff has been on, and I
wont mention names,, as to not be accused to “naming and shaming” but below I did
a /seen on all of the staff, obviously some more active than others (through
WebChat) but I have seen multiple days go by this last month where NOT A SINGLE
STAFF member was active. (obviously some staff have work and vacations and
such, but should still make an effort to be on, because they agreed in the staff
application to be active AT LEAST 10 hours A WEEK)(These are in no particular

MEMBER 1: Last Seen 19 days, 14 min
MEMBER 2: Last Seen 2 Days, 5 Hours
MEMBER 3: Last Seen 1 Month, 14 Days
MEMBER 4: Last Seen 8 Hours, 4 min
MEMBER 5: Last Seen 3 Hours, 11 min
MEMBER 6: 1 Day, 47 min
MEMBER 7: 13 Hours, 28 min
MEMBER 8: 1 Day, 20 Hours

Also, don’t always assume worse case scenario, many times,
that is a slight overreaction to the situation and causes more problems than it
solves. Again, I have a great desire for this server to survive and succeed. I
will do what a staff member does in the absence of them, which if that is
wrong. Ban me, I don’t care. I am just doing what is best for the server and
promoting it as a fun, friendly environment, where rules apply, but just as
important, fun is strongly encouraged.

If anyone has a problem with me, my post, or anything else
mentioned in here, talk to me, I have no problem owning up to what I’ve
said/done for this server. I am committed 100% to making this server the best
out there, since it was the first server I ever joined.

Let it be known, I respect staff, I understand what being a
staff member requires, but I demand that same level of respect back. I don’t appreciate
staff talking down to me or other players. Level with them, understand we all make
mistakes, and we are here to have fun. Again, I respect all staff.

Yours Truly,
Posted Aug 30, 18
I completely agree with ginger.
Posted Aug 31, 18 · OP
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