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Giga Build Off #1 (MBO5) - 27th of July till 3rd of August

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Welcome everybody to the first ever Giga Build Off!

Please read the entire post since many things are different from regular Build Offs.

It's summertime again, which means it's time for a bigger Build Off than ever before! This is the first time we have a variation of the normal Mega Build Off called the Giga Build Off. The main difference is that EVERYONE will have access to WorldEdit in their plots! Let's get into the details.

The Giga Build Off is a building contest where every single team builds something that fits with the predetermined theme. Every team gets an area to build (103x103). This will be a flat area. All the areas are the same size. At the start we will remove the protection from the contest area and enable WorldEdit. Then you will have time to build. Exactly 7 days (168 hours) later we will place the protection back; this will make any changes to the contest area impossible. Judging will start as soon as the contest ends.

The specifics for this Giga Build Off are:
Date: 27th of July till 3rd of August
Starting Time: 0:00 am CEST (27th of July - From Thursday upon Friday)
Ending Time: 0:00 am CEST (3rd of August - From Thurday upon Friday)
Duration: 7 days
World: MBO_2018. The command /warp GBO will take you to the contest area.
Area size: 103x103 (105x105 if you include the slabs)
Gamemode: Creative
Theme: will be revealed at the start

- A team of contestants can have only 1 area.
- A team can have 1, 2 or 3 builders.
- You can build from bedrock to the height limit.
- You can replace the slabs on the edges with any block (preferably one that stops water flow).
· This is to protect your plot from water/lava spills of nearby plots
- You can replace the blocks underneath the slabs to anything you like.
- You will be disqualified if you build a replica of a build that is not yours.
- Interfering with buildings made by other contestants will result in a ban, as it is considered to be griefing.
· Causing water or lava to flow in an area that isn't yours.
· Standing/flying in someones plot after having been asked to leave.

Breaking any of these rules will result in disqualification and you risk being permanently banned.

Plot limits:
To make sure that the GBO plots will not cause lag to the server or players with slower computers there are a few limits when it comes to intensive blocks/entities:
· 50 item frames
· 50 paintings
· 50 banners
· 50 signs
· 150 chests/furnaces/hoppers/shulkerboxes
· 100 note blocks
· 100 custom heads (either placed in the world or as part of an armor stand)
· 50 armor stands

Going above these limit risks that staff will have to remove a part or all of the entities in your build.

How to enter the contest?
Join the server and type /bo join to join the Giga Build Off. This will make you a team leader. If you wish to join an existing team, then you need to be invited by the team leader. To view the invitations that you have received do /bo invites.

How do I invite my friend to join my team?
Make sure that you are a team leader (do this by entering the contest). Invite your friend using /bo invite name.

How do I join my friend's team?
Make sure that you have been invited by a team leader (like described above). Accept the invite using /bo join teamleadername.

How do I leave the contest or leave a team I accidentally joined?
You can leave the contest by doing /bo leave. Note that you can only do this before the Build Off starts. After it has started you cannot leave anymore.

How to get to your plot?
Do /tpplot after you have joined a team. You will be able to start building once the Giga Build Off has started.

How to find out what the theme is?
Do /bo theme. You will be able to view the theme once the Build Off has started.

1st Prize:
- You will receive 150 Enjin Points on the website to divide over the team members
- Your building can be featured in a video on our YouTube channel: (If you so desire.)
- You can add your name(s) on the Build Off Winners board. (Preferably in the style of the theme.)

2nd Prize:
- You will receive 120 Enjin Points on the website to divide over the team members

3rd Prize:
- You will receive 90 Enjin Points on the website to divide over the team members

The judging will take place in the next 24 hours after the Build Off has ended. The judging will be streamed live on:
A winner will be announced once all judges have voted, which can take up to 24 hours.

How to convert the starting and ending times to your own time zone:
I made a complete guide on this here: An Easy Guide To Find Out When Build Offs Take Place
You can also visit:

Is there a help page for these commands in game?:
Yes, all you need to do is type /bo help and then all commands are explained.

How to visit the contest without entering:
Join the server and type /warp GBO to visit the Mega Build Off.

Can I apply with my build from the GBO after it ended?
Yes, once the GBO has ended you can apply for a creative rank with the build. Contact Flexo ingame or on Discord if you need more help.

Why is the world called MBO and not GBO?:
A Giga Build Off is still a Mega Build Off, just also with WorldEdit. (And changing worldnames is very tedious)

Info once the winners have been decided:
You can get your build for the Build Off moved by me to one of the creative worlds. You can only have it pasted in your own plot. You can only have it pasted in Nios if you have acquired the Builder rank. You can only have it pasted in Lunor if you have acquired the Architect rank. You have 2 months to request me to move your build. After that period you risk us deleting your build. If you know you don't want your build saved, then please do this command: /mail send Flexo013 You can delete my Mega Build Off plot.

May the odds be ever in your favor.
Posted Jul 23, 18 · OP · Last edited Jul 30, 18
The good: World edit, team size

Next time: More time, More Soup, maybe higher world edit limit b/c the current 100,000 area is only 100x100x10 which isnt a lot considering the size of these plots. Honestly what could come out of a month long MBO starting in the middle of June or July
Posted Aug 3, 18
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Nah the limit was 10k so it is only 100x100x1
Posted Aug 3, 18
What I have to say (in general) is that the BuildOffs, as they are now, work very well.

What I feel could be improved:

1. Make sure you always have more than enough time to set it up. I understand this used worldedit and it was a trial by fire, and you made it work. I also understand fully that staff may be busy and Minecraft comes behind real life.

2. Worldedit. The selection size could be bigger. I do understand that the server has limits and certain users can't operate with some of the stronger tools that worldedit has to offer. Another thing is the amount of tools able to be used. Maybe some more streamlined tools could be accessed only a GBO if it happens again?

3. The Judges. Flexo always does these and tbh I'm done with him lol kappa.
3a. For real: The judges entered the theme with a certain vision in mind. I feel that almost wanting the builds to be a certain way may introduce a very, very, very, very (superbly) small amount of bias. Perhaps this isn't so much something that needs to change as much as it is a reminder that all judges should have an open mind.

3b. This also goes for the builders. Have an open mind and try to convey your build's idea/message as clearly as possible. I know I could've done that better myself.

3c. Perhaps for every buildoff or every other one, a player from the server could help judge the builds. Of course, their own build (if they choose to participate in the building) wouldn't be considered fair game to win. This would be a fun way to change things up from the same 4 people judging every time. Maybe pick the winner(s) of the past buildoff? They could either accept/decline. If they decline, I have no idea how you'd pick someone else.

4. The timing of the stream. No matter what happens, some people will not be able to watch the stream. I think that maybe if the judges changed the time/days that it starts/ends, they could not be as sleep-deprived or not need to be awake 3 hours later for work. I know it's hard to find a schedule that works for all the judges, but it's just an idea.

The goods:
I don't feel I need to mention too much here since overall, this is a winning format!

1. Team size. With free communication services (Like Discord, Skype, Teamspeak, etc.) it's easy for members of a team to communicate ideas. Multiple minds bouncing ideas off of each other inspire others to have great ideas. Having too many minds could lead to confusion. I think 3 to 4 people per team is a great number.

2. Worldedit. It's a very useful tool. Maybe we shouldn't have it for every MBO. Maybe have 2 MBO events a year then? One GBO and one MBO? I don't know. I like having worldedit. It's also nice for the lower ranks to have some fun with it.

this is all i can think of so far. None of this is meant to be interpreted in an angry or hostile way. I hope it's just read as my thoughts and opinions.
Posted Aug 3, 18
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would like to partake in some judging aswell as bringing some master architects over for judging :)
me personally tried my hardest to mimic my idea carefully and tried to execute a theme i never even heard of nor had the desire to do lol but i tried :p
Posted Aug 3, 18
Personally, I enjoyed the GBO. I think it was really cool to get to use world edit, but my complaint is that for some people it was a first time using it. Yes, I understand taking that into your own hands and watching tutorials, etc., but hands on is also important imo. Maybe, the next time it happens, for a day or two before have the plots open so that people who hadn't used it before could test worldedit?

A few things I really liked:
-Plot size: The larger plots felt really natural with worldedit, and having to fill it all was a fun challenge
-The theme: Alright, this ones probably contrevisial, but I really liked the theme. It was a personal theme and very open to interpretation, which I felt was a little mal-considered in the judging, but it still was lots of fun to see how others put a spin on it. (unlike a theme like Japan, where theres only one way you can take that)
-Length: I think the standard week still fits nice, even with the big plots. Now if  only that had've actually been a full week for me, lol.

Some things I'd change:
- I felt as though there was a preconcieved idea by the judges of what the futurology theme would be. I don't mean this in relation to my build, but I think that some builds may have still been futuristic, just not in a mars/dystopia/utopia way.
- As I said before, maybe some time to just get the hang of worldedit?

And yeah! To everyone who helped set up the GBO, thanks for putting in the time and effort to make this years MBO a super fun and unique one!
Posted Aug 3, 18
Top Voter
Thanks for all the feedback so far! It will really help with improving the Build-Off as a whole.

Keep the feedback coming if you haven't posted anything yet!
Posted Aug 3, 18 · OP
I've noticed a good deal of people suggest different judges/judges that don't have pre-existing bias. Perhaps the judges could be dissallowed to know aything about the bo untill the judging? that way there is little room for pre-conception.
Posted Aug 3, 18
maybe for the mbo the players choose the theme? so flex suggests like 3 themes and then a poll goes up here a week before the build starts and the theme with most votes win, that would show what type of theme the players want to do and would prevent any bias of the judges since the theme isn't chosen directly by them so less commitment is given to the theme (for instance if flex chose the theme as medieval and really wanted a castle he might knock points off people who didnt make a castle regardless of what they did subconsciously but if it was 1/3 flex would be more like "ohh nice choice wonder what they will do with this")
Posted Aug 3, 18
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just read the limits part, and realised i may have placed too many shulker boxes...
Posted Aug 4, 18
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