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All announcements will be posted here. Read the latest news about PolygonCraft.
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By Krishena86 Aug 6, 18
Discussion about community projects and apply to become a community project builder.
9 89
By Darkw01f Feb 15, 19
All towns can have a thread here! You can also apply to have your town added to the official town list.
7 64
By Aeroscri Sep 7, 18
Do you have any ideas on how we could improve our server/website/forums? Post them here!
173 736
By BasilBobbie Dec 10, 18
Report any server or website bug here!
35 121
By Flexo013 a Jul 21, 18
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Did you get banned? And do think you should be unbanned? Tell us here!
83 428
By Flexo013 a Dec 24, 18
Proof for Global bans will be posted here by admins.
220 278
By Darkw01f Feb 28, 19
Proof for Local bans will be posted here by admins.
272 371
By audb3 Mar 8, 19
Report other players (including staff) here with proof.
66 298
By GlennianHeroes x Sep 23, 18
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Find all our videos and post links to videos you made.
9 33
Post your favorite music or playlist here!
24 62
By silascash Aug 15, 17
Do have some awesome screenshots to share? Or are you a good at creating logos, banners or drawings? Post your skill here!
50 238
By KazzamPsycho Jul 7, 18
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Play games to kill some time!
27 2033
By Darkw01f Fri at 22:54
Make chat threads to chat with your friends from PolygonCraft! All general topic can go here.
114 472
By Flexo013 a Oct 15, 18
Post a thread here if you wish to change your custom tag.
54 118
By Flexo013 a Feb 3, 19
Post a thread here if you have WorldEdit and wish to apply for a removal of the block limit per WorldEdit action.
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Read all our rules here!
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