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Easter Speedrunning Winners

Flexo013 ao posted Thu at 19:04

Heyo everybody!

Firstly I need to apologize for not having made a news post in a while. I've been preoccupied with other things IRL, namely I started an internship, which means that I am at the office 40 hours a week. So less time for Minecraft and Poly :(

Last month we had a speedrunning event that was very successful. I'm glad everybody enjoyed it so much. With honour I present to you the fastest of them all, the winners of the Easter Speedrunning Event:

  • Any% World Record: BasilBobbie with a time of 2:18.24
  • Maze% WR: WingPing with a time of 2:52.39
  • Easy% WR: rct3333 with a time of 9:30.55

Congratulations to all of you! You win a unique trail that you can enable by doing /trail water_wake!

I also wanna give a huge shout-out to NewDeStRoY1, rct3333, and Yoshi57 for making the event so much better with all their help when it came to tools and routing. You guys are truly amazing, thanks for everything you did!

On a closing note later this week I will post more info about the future of speedrunning on Poly, so get excited!


Whoopsy, hadn't posted the results yet of the March Build Off, so here we go. Also keep in mind that the April build Off won't be this weekend, but the next (5th of May). Here are the results you've been waiting for:
  • 1st: AwhNaLay, with her Color Land! You win 80 Poly Points in the store and you can add your name to the Build Off Winners board!

  • 2nd: mrhilp, with his Color Games! You win 40 Poly Points in the store.

  • 3rd: Yoshi57, with his Bob Ross Painting! You win 20 Poly Points in the store.
We also have 3 honorable mentions, that were really great, but just didn't make the top 3!
  • I: KazzamPsycho, with her Giant Garden!

  • II: Darkw01f, with his Into The Depths!

  • III: InfectionZoey, with her Color Spiral! 
Thanks to everybody for participating in the Build Off!
P.S.: I have sent mail in-game to all contestants, asking if you want your Build Off build saved in one of the creative worlds. If you want this the please mail me back coordinates and a world name. Then I will move your build for you.

Easter Egg Speedrunning

Flexo013 ao posted Apr 7, 18

Hello everyone!

The Easter Egg Hunt was great and you all performed really well in finding the hidden eggs. The winner of the event was Yoshi57; the first to collect all 250 points. Congratulations on your trail:

In the next week we are going to try something new! Speedrunning! Yes, you read that right. We will be hosting a competition on who can collect 50 points the fastest.

I have set up some useful tools that will help you with speedrunning. You can find them on this discussion thread here: Discussion thread


Every player that submits at least one run will get a trophy and the number 1 runner in each category will also win the cool blue butterfly trail!

Best of luck to all!

Easter Egg Hunt 2018!

Flexo013 ao posted Apr 1, 18
Happy Easter everybody!
Remember that exciting Turkey Hunt we had last year? Well.. It's time for the improved version of that event. That's right. Easter Egg Hunt 2018 is here!
Hop on the server, /warp Easter, and start collecting Easter eggs. You will be rewarded with points as you find them. Whoever is the first to get 250 points, or has the most at the end of the event will win an exclusive trail. (Yes this one will work.)
You have the next 7 days to score points. Every player with 50 points or more will win an exclusive trophy! Happy hunting and see you on the server!
WingPing Secret, Secret!

Spleef Tournament Results

Flexo013 ao posted Mar 18, 18

The Spleef tournament was a great success and tons of fun! We will definitely have these kind of tournaments more often.

As for the results:

  • 1st - @DTM (rct3333)
  • 2nd - @Flexo (Flexo013)
  • 3rd - @Harki (Harki42)

For all standings go here:

Rct has asked me to pass the reward of the Snow Trail down to the next place and I will do the same. So the unique Snow Trail goes to Harki!

Congratulations to all and thanks for being part of this great event!

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