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Turkey Hunt Trophies

Flexo013 a posted Dec 5, 17

Thanks everybody for participating in the Turkey Hunt this year! It was a blast to see you guys enjoy this new event.

As for the prizes:

Congrats to Hyperpony and YoshiWoshi for finding ALL turkeys, they will both receive an exclusive trail for winning the event!

Everyone who got more than 25 points in the Hunt will receive this trophy in survival:

I will give one Turkey Trophy to you and then you can display using an itemframe. Make sure to not place the Turkey down, since that will make it lose its title. You can also go crazy and use the trophy as a PvP weapon to show off the title.

It was great fun, and stay tuned for the Christmas event which is starting up soon!


Creeper_NoDenial I think I matched the requirements and did not get the turkey trophy.
Results took a little longer than normal since we had to get DarknessDecends to help us resolve a tie. Congratulations to our winners! Here are the results:
  • 1st: Bisonmoose, with his Treasure Clam! You win 80 Enjin Points in the store, you have been awarded with the [Designer] rank, and you can add your name to the Build Off Winners board!

  • 2nd: MrEvilCooki3, with his Rapture! You win 40 Enjin Points in the store.

  • 3rd: Eppikiggy1, with her Finding Nemo! You win 20 Enjin Points in the store.
We also have 3 honorable mentions, that were really great, but just didn't make the top 3!
  • I: YoshiWoshi, with his Sea Shore Life!

  • II: MC__Overlord, with his Ocean Reef!

  • III: Darkw01f, with his Yellow Submarine! 
Thanks to everybody for participating in the Build Off!
P.S.: I have sent mail in-game to all contestants, asking if you want your Build Off build saved in one of the creative worlds. If you want this the please mail me back coordinates and a world name. Then I will move your build for you.

Thanksgiving Event!

Flexo013 a posted Nov 21, 17

Hello everybody!

It's almost time for Thanksgiving, which means it's time for an event! This year we have something entirely new: a Turkey Hunt!

We have a new world set up for the event, that you can visit by doing /warp Turkey. On the signs there you will find the details about the event. You will be looking for Turkeys hidden throughout this new world. Whoever has scored the most Turkey Points at Monday the 27th of Nov, 23:59 CET will win a exclusive trail!

Everybody who has more than 25 Turkey Points at that time will also get a cool trophy to show off!

Good luck hunting and happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everybody!

As of last week we have a new world! It's called Cyfra. This world is a creative world for community projects. To coordinate all these new projects that will be going on, we have a Project-Leader: KazzamPsycho! She will be in charge of who can build in this world and she will make sure that the projects stay on track. Finally she will also make decisions about the builds if there are any disagreements. We wish Kazzam the best of luck with the community projects!

If you want to be part of one of these community projects then check out this section of the forums:

There you can apply, make suggestions, and discuss the current projects. Go check it out!

You can do /warp Cyfra to check out the gorgeous builds made so far!


New Hub!

Flexo013 a posted Nov 11, 17

Hello everybody!

We have a new hub that is gorgeous! You should come check it out by doing /hub! It is way more organized and it has more space for each world. The hub was made WalooW, so thank you for your work!

There are many easter eggs in the new hub. Try to find them all!


MrEvilCooki3 Yeah dark, really hard to read, espeacially for me
silascash Lol Looks cool!!
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