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Results took a little longer than normal since we had to get DarknessDecends to help us resolve a tie. Congratulations to our winners! Here are the results:
  • 1st: MrEvilCooki3, with his Minecraft Gaming! You win 80 Enjin Points in the store and you can add your name to the Build Off Winners board!

  • 2nd: Eppikiggy1, with her 2-fort! You win 40 Enjin Points in the store.

  • 3rd: Jackson535, with his Laser Game! You win 20 Enjin Points in the store.
We also have 3 honorable mentions, that were really great, but just didn't make the top 3!
  • I: Ckenward, with his Civilization!

  • II: WalooW, with his 4 Player Connect 4!

  • III: KazzamPsycho, with her Roman Games! 
Thanks to everybody for participating in the Build Off!
P.S.: I have sent mail in-game to all contestants, asking if you want your Build Off build saved in one of the creative worlds. If you want this the please mail me back coordinates and a world name. Then I will move your build for you.

Here's a quick site where you can check how long it is until the start of the Build Off:

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Flexo013 a posted Nov 1, 17

Starting today we will give a reward to whoever had the most votes last month. For the month of October this was ckenward with almost perfect voting records! For the month of November you will have access to the Fly Package from the donation store for free and you will be able to use /trail rainbow.

If you happen to own the complete Fly Package already then you will receive 50 Enjin Points.

If you'd like these perks make sure to vote a lot and they can be yours next month!


PhoenixKittyx5 Instead of asking for the fly package, could you ask for Enjin points instead?
MC__Overlord o ok so many questions: if we gwt top voter, do we only get the fly for one month?, also, if we bought the package, do we ...

Hello everybody!

The Centro spawn (lobby) has finally received a new touch. WalooW made the goregous mountains to accompany the Poly Palace. Thanks to everybody who made their own submissions for this project. Here's a screenshot of the new mountains:

Last Saturday we had our annual Pumpkin Carving contest. The top 3 pumkins were made by Jackson535, KazzamPsycho, and Mrhilp. To congratulate these players they have received a trail! That's right, we have trails now on PolygonCraft! These will be very rare and can only be gained from special events. The winners of this Halloween event have unlocked the Flame trail.

This trail can be used by doing /trail flame or /trail fire. If you want to turn the trail off then do /trail off. Enjoy your new trails!


Remember that there is an Build Off upcoming Saturday, the 4th of November.

Heyo everybody!

It's the last Saturday of the month, so it's time for a Build Off, but it's also (almost) Halloween... Time for something spooky!

This Saturday the 28th of October we will have our annual Pumpkin Carving event. You can join it by doing /join. In your plot you will find a large pumpkin and it's up to you to make it the scariest and spookiest pumpkin. You will have 24 hours to build, starting at midnight CEST. At the end we will have a judging stream.

As for the Build Off, we will have that next week on the 4th of November. So don't worry we will have a Build Off. We just had to postpone it slightly for the Halloween Event.

Good luck and have a spooky Halloween!


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